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Yes Master: The eagerly anticipated release of Igor

Back in April I posted about a wonderful little comic book series called  The Clockwork Girl illustrated by Grant Bond, who’s characters and cartooning style I just love. I have been meaning for ages to write about another great project of his, the Igor graphic series. Written by Dara Naraghi and illustrated by Grant Bond, the Igor comics were written as prequels to the movie Igor that was released this September (written by Chris McKenna who writes for the animated show American Dad.)

I had intended to post this in time for the movie’s US release date in September, but this autumn is already proving to be a busy one.

Igor is the tale of a disgruntled, hunched-backed lab assistant named, well,  Igor. Tired of being the lackey and gofer, he dreams of becoming his own master and scientist, and of course, winning the evil science fair.

With the aid of three of his experimental creations: Eva – a giant, but gentle, aspiring actress, Scamper – a cynical rabbit brought back from roadkill, and Brain, Igor must “foil an evil plot that threatens their world”.

While not the most original story, the characters are fun and the animation looks great. The dialogue also promises to  be excellent with a fantastic voice cast including: John Cusack as Igor, Christian Slater, Steve Buscemi, John Cleese, Molly Shannon, Sean Hayes, Arsenio Hall and Jay Leno. The official movie trailer is available here.

Igor the graphic series currently consists of four comics, the latest was released in late August, a movie prequel graphic novel, a couple of paperback adaptations of the movie by various writers and a limited edition Official 51st Annual Evil Science Fair Program which is advertised as containing: “…the juicy statistics, destructive details, and infamous history behind all the Evil Scientist contestants and their hideously Evil inventions! Get the dish on their Igors, their girlfriends, and their deep, dark, evil secrets.” Sounds delightful!

The paperback movie adaptations and science fair program are available through Amazon and the prequel comics can be ordered through Heavy Ink.

In love with a clockwork girl

Beautifully illustrated by Grant Bond, The ClockWork Girl is a Romeo and Juliet inspired comic with a “clockwork” girl, a mutant boy and their warring families.

On one side is The Tinker, the Clockwork Girl’s creator, who is the world’s leading machine scientist. On the other side is Dendrus, The Tinker’s former friend and Huxley the mutant boy’s creator, who represents the side of biology and natural science. While the two scientist are locked in an intense rivalry, their “children” develop a great friendship.

Creators Sean O’Reilly and Kevin Hanna have created a fantastic story that really does appeal to all ages.

The Clockwork Girl is published by Arcana and there are currently 3 excellent full issues. If you are having trouble finding them in Toronto, the fabulous folks at The Beguiling will happily order them for you at no extra charge. For more information on The Clockwork Girl, see her MySpace page and the Arcana KIDS page with cool interactive extras.

Issue 0

The above are pages from Issue 0 which you can download for free at Arcana KIDS.