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A window to the retro-future

If you find yourself in downtown Toronto, be sure to stop by Malabar Costumes at 14 McCaul Street, they currently have the most fabulous Steampunk window displays. Delightfully inspiring!

Malabar Steampunk window 1

Malabar steampunk window 2

Decorus globosa now for sale

Pluck your own Decorus globosa necklace from the collection at the Curious Oddities shoppe
href=””>Decorus globosa notebook entry

Copper Decorus globosa steampunk necklace Curious Oddities

Beak of the Week

Mister Bertrand Bird and Son

brooch by Tilly Bloommr-bertrand-and-son-tilly-bloom

Embracing the bizarre,  Scottish lass, Miss Tilly Bloom, creates wearable delights from her home in Brooklyn, New York.

Tilly Bloom’s jewelry is strange and charming, taking every form from bracelets to cuff links, earrings to buttons, all incorporating Victorian Era images and styling.

You can subscribe to Tilly’s monthly newsletter here, and visit her Etsy shop for more truly wonderful items including prints of  her work.

“A man without a moustache is like a cup of tea without sugar”

Whether you favor the Dali, the Walrus, the Handlebar, the Imperial, the English or the Fu Manchu, everyone has a favorite moustache.

The Plushtache by Shannon Gerard

Lovingly referred to by many delightful names, the stache, push broom, mo, mouthbrow, soup strainer, nose neighbor, cookie duster, and flavor saver, has transformed the ordinary to memorable for centuries.

Would Friedrich Nietzsche have been as influential a philosopher and philologist without his substantial whiskers? Would Colonel Sir Claude Maxwell MacDonald been promoted to Privy Councilor without his glorious “up-do”? Where would Adolf Hiltler have been without his lip caterpillar? Hulk Hogan without his horseshoe? Ned Flanders without his walrus?

A little piece of trivia:

Are you aware the March is International Mustache growing Month? It begins with “Just grow it January” and “Facial Hair February” ending in the grand shaving of the beard to reveal a glorious moustache for the “Moustache March” festivities.

Black moustache by Lupin (left)

Further reading for the enthusiast:

The American Mustache Institute

For the best moustache archive on the internet visit Mustaches of the 19th Century

The Glorious Mustache Challenge: a documentary following a selection of guys in their 20’s who decide to tackle the social stigma of the moustache in order to “bring it back.”

The Mustache Rangers : The abstract ramblings of Commander Major Alastair Q. Bastidious and First Lieutenant Rutuger G. Phooneybaum,  reporting on the year seven-hundred-seventy of their nine-hundred year mission in outer space.

King Size Flavour Savours flickr pool (oversize moustaches)

STACHE onary by Rhymes with Twee (left)

Hot Girl Mustache flickr pool

Handlebar Mustache flickr pool


Moustache hair pins by Little Angels Jewelry

The Monocles have arrived!
October 20, 2008, 3:11 pm
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Brass Monocle Necklace on Copper Chain by Curious Oddities