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Freakangel kk

Meet the FreakAngels: a gang of twelve 23-year-olds, all from different backgrounds, who share a psychic connection. With the exception of their rogue “brother,”  they all live in Whitechapel watching over and protecting their community in a flooded, post-crash, future England. Developed and written by  Warren Ellis and superbly illustrated by Paul Duffield, FreakAngels feels more like a graphic novel than a web comic (it reminds me a bit of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series with a less multi-layered story line).

In an interview with Rick Marshall, Warren Ellis commented on the storyline: “I started with the idea of the Midwich Cuckoos [from the John Wyndham novel]. I started wondering what would’ve happened if they had survived to become disaffected 20-somethings. That was the genesis of FreakAngels and I’ve worked forward from there.”

The flooded cityscapes are really beautiful, and the range of characters are developing well throughout the series. My favorites include: Arkady- who had a severe overdose at a young age, leaving her sort of spacey and a little otherworldly.  KK is an independent and highly spirited gal who builds steam-driven machines and rides a really sweet steam-helicopter bike thing. Jake ventures out on long boat excursions into the heavily flooded areas, salvaging materials for the residents of Whitechapel.

A very ambitious project: FreakAngels is published weekly (on Fridays). Remarkably, only two weeks have been missed since they began posting back in February.

The comic is made available in six-page blocks for free, courtesy of its creators and Avatar Press. Sweet, thanks guys!