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She’s Alive!! The Clockwork Girl is coming to the big screen

Frogchildren Sudios and Arcana Comics have given life to the award winning (and one of my favorite) graphic novels, The Clockwork Girl. (You can read my review from a previous post here)  Directed by Kevin Hanna and produced by Sean O’Reilly, the novel’s creators, and with art direction by Barnaby Ward it should be fabulous and true to the original. tinker4 clockwork girlBe sure to check out the teaser preview. It is a little short, but sweet!

Here is the short summary …”the story of a nameless robot girl who has recently been given the gift of life from her creator. While exploring the wonders of an ordinary world she meets an amazing monster boy and they share a friendship that must overcome their warring families.”

I will definitely be looking forward to this one!

In love with a clockwork girl

Beautifully illustrated by Grant Bond, The ClockWork Girl is a Romeo and Juliet inspired comic with a “clockwork” girl, a mutant boy and their warring families.

On one side is The Tinker, the Clockwork Girl’s creator, who is the world’s leading machine scientist. On the other side is Dendrus, The Tinker’s former friend and Huxley the mutant boy’s creator, who represents the side of biology and natural science. While the two scientist are locked in an intense rivalry, their “children” develop a great friendship.

Creators Sean O’Reilly and Kevin Hanna have created a fantastic story that really does appeal to all ages.

The Clockwork Girl is published by Arcana and there are currently 3 excellent full issues. If you are having trouble finding them in Toronto, the fabulous folks at The Beguiling will happily order them for you at no extra charge. For more information on The Clockwork Girl, see her MySpace page and the Arcana KIDS page with cool interactive extras.

Issue 0

The above are pages from Issue 0 which you can download for free at Arcana KIDS.