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Modern art: straight from the source
April 3, 2008, 1:34 pm
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About 2 years ago I heard an interview on CBC with the guys from Ottawa’s DNA 11. They create artwork from DNA images- the idea was so cool. Recently I came across a picture of another of their DNA prints, I had forgotten how beautiful they are.

orange DNA11

How do they do it? The first step is to collect your own cheek-swab sample, or that of a favorite mammal, with your home collection kit and send it to DNA 11. At their lab, the DNA is extracted and run on a gel which allows them to capture a digital image.

Back at HQ the image is digitally enhanced, coloured and printed on canvas with a Giclee printer. Because all DNA strands are unique, no two images will ever be the same. Each piece comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and a unique serial number printed on a hologram- sweet!

Want to give a very cool wedding gift? DNA 11 also offers split screen artwork so you can combine the DNA of two, three or even four people on a single canvas. black and white DNA11

It could be a bit tricky to explain the need for a cheek swab without blowing the surprise.

Images start at $399 for one person.