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How to get a head without hunting
May 6, 2008, 12:44 pm
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I’m not entirely sure why humans are so fascinated with dead things. Perhaps they help us to face our own short existence, to appreciate the fragility of life, or maybe we just have an archaic “man conquers all” attitude coded into our DNA.

feltidermy rabbit girlsavage

Feltidermy Rabbit by Girlsavage visit her blog here

This very fascination is at the root of a new, and fairly widespread, exploration of artistic and creative taxidermy (we’ll save that for another day) and a whole delightful spectrum of artificial taxidermy.

PlushKill Unicorn and Mouse by Cherrybox Studios visit their Etsy shop here.

Crafted mountings are popping up all over, ranging from the cute and cuddly to the bizarre and magical, made from a wide variety of materials (I am a bit partial to the ones made from felt and fibres). Admittedly, I too relish the macabre and always enjoy others who can find beauty and humour in life and death.

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Faux Taxidermy by Jessica Tamson

Adelaide by Morninglori see her blog here